Impact of bad formwork in service life

Formwork are a crucial part of reinforced concrete (RC) design. It supports the concrete until concrete gains sufficient strength. Depending upon the shape, formwork can be as simple as a cubic box to as complected as spline surface. While design of formwork is itself a major field of concrete engineering, here in this article, the … Continue reading Impact of bad formwork in service life

Health of structure based on construction quality

RC structures has high degrees of variability during construction.  Often in most of the project, RC structures are casted in situ. Compared to steel structures, where most of the parts has quality control at the manufacturing plant, the construction practise of the RC structure has greater degree of uncertaininty in its strength and its performance. … Continue reading Health of structure based on construction quality

Basics of reinforced concrete deterioration

As the name suggests, reinforced concrete (RC) is composed of primarily two parts- concrete and reinforcement. Therefore, the deterioration of RC structure is mainly depended upon (a) concrete, (b) reinforcement and (c) physio-chemical interaction between them. Concrete is mixture of aggregates (sand, gravels) and binder (cement) and some admixtures (mineral or chemicals). And there are … Continue reading Basics of reinforced concrete deterioration